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Total Brain Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is educating and motivating individuals, teams, and organizations to make holistic and effective habit changes using the following channels:







What is Total Brain Coaching?

Total Brain Coaching is a holistic system to help people change their habits. It starts with the understanding that each person is different—with their own strengths and weakness, their own preferences and habits. Total Brain Coaching gives you with 7 main tools to help you discover who you are and what you can become. Total Brain Coaching is based on the 7 main principles of The Coherence Code which uses the acronym DHARMIC

1. D- Discover Your Energy State: Once an individual, team, or organization, decides to make a change, they need to understand their own nature and habits, and how different external factors affect their inherent strengths and weaknesses. 

2. H- Harness Neuroplasticity and the Gut-Brain Axis: It is easier to create a new habit than change an old one. Habits are like neural circuits and to establish a new habit involves the creation of new wiring in the brain 

3. A-Use the Power of Attention: The easiest way to create a new habit is to use the power of attention to initiate small doable steps.

4. R- Finding Your Inner Rhythm: Each individual, team, or organization, has their own inner rhythm. Being in tune with their rhythm makes it easier to incorporate a new habit into pre-existing routines.

5. M-Use the Feedback Matrix: For maximum coaching results, use the Force Multiplier Matrix, which involves four techniques: self coaching, personal coaching, group coaching, and environmental coaching.

6. I-Continuous Improvement and Integration: Each step of progress should be measured and evaluated. Rapid feedback helps to facilitate improvement and integration.

7. C- Celebrate Steps of Success: Recognize small changes in habits and use positive reinforcement to celebrate each stage of achievement.

The word “dharma” comes from the Sanskrit verb dhri, which means to “uphold” or “support.” Your dharma is your path in life and the lifestyle that supports your personal growth, happiness, success, and fulfillment.


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Harnessing Your Neuroplasticity and the Gut-Brain Axis

What is Neuroplasticity?

Your brain is dynamical. Throughout your life it continues to change. This is the result of neuroplasticity, which can be defined as the ability of the nervous system to form new connections and pathways at any time. Changes can be as simple as the addition of a few molecules to a nerve membrane or as complex as the formation of an entire new neural network.

Building New Highways in the Brain

Habits can be imagined as a highway along which information flows in our brain. The longer you have the habit, the bigger the highway becomes and the more difficult it is to change. The good news is that your development never stops. New highways are constantly being formed. Every time you learn a new skill, every time you have a new experience, your brain changes. This is the extraordinary nature of neuroplasticity.

The first and most obvious way to harness your neuroplasticity is to form a new habit. It is easier to form a new habit than to remove an old one. The “use it or lose it” principle ensures that if you do create a new highway in the brain and stop using an old one, then the old highway will eventually become less important. It may or may not completely go away, but it will no longer dominate your behavior. Building a new highway, however, does take time and energy. In one study, for example, it was shown that it took 20 days to establish a habit of drinking a glass of water at the beginning of the day and 84 days to establish the habit of 50 sit-ups everyday. The important thing to understand is that simple habits will take a relatively short time and more difficult habits could take substantially longer.

There are tools, techniques, and routines you can use to harness your neuroplasticity in order to create new neural networks that will enable you to use your full potential. And because the brain is connected to the gut and other systems through the gut-brain axis, your client will not only be rewiring his or her brain, but also making other beneficial changes to his entire physiology. 


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What We Can Do For You

Total Brain Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create the tools and techniques to help people find their path in life.

Total Brain Coaching

The tools of Total Brain Coaching allow you to recognize and nurture your unique path in life. They help you understand and make use of the neuroplasticity of your brain and its ability to change.

total Brain Parenting

Understand Your Child’s Brilliant Brain for Greater Happiness, Health, Success, and Fulfillment

Discover the brain/body type of your child.

Total Brain Health Coaching

This is a transitional moment in healthcare. New fields of medicine, such as Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine, have begun to combine the time-tested wisdom from traditional system of health such as Ayurveda  with the latest advances in modern medicine. We are rediscovering the ancient truth from Hippocrates that “All disease begins in the gut.”

Total Brain Relationship Coaching

Dharmic coaching helps give us a better understanding of who we are.  By discovering our own Energy State we can learn how to communicate and interact with the Energy State of our partner.

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