Seven Principles of Total Brain Coaching

These principles are easy to remember using “DHARMIC” as an acronym:

D – Discover Your Energy State

Once an individual, team, or organization decides to make a change, they need to understand their Energy State, and how different external factors affect their inherent strengths and weaknesses.



H – Harness Your Neuroplasticity and Gut-Brain Axis

It is easier to create a new habit than to change an old one. Habits are like neural circuits and to establish a new habit involves the creation of new wiring in the brain.



A – Use the Power of Attention

The fastest and easiest way to create a new habit is to use your power of attention to initiate small doable steps.



R – Find Your Inner Rhythm

Each individual, team, or organization has their own inner rhythm. Being in tune with their rhythm makes it easier to incorporate a new habit into pre-existing routines.



M – Use the Feedback Matrix

For maximum coaching results, use the Feedback Matrix, which involves four techniques: Self-Coaching, Personal Coaching, Group Coaching, and Environmental Coaching.



I – Continuous Improvement and Integration

Each step of progress should be measured and evaluated. Rapid feedback helps facilitate improvement and integration.



C – Celebrate Steps of Success

Recognize small changes in habits and use positive reinforcement to celebrate every stage of achievement.