16 Super Biohacks for Longevity:

Shortcuts to a Healthier, Happier, Longer Life

By Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Ted Wallace, MS, Samantha Wallace

Living a long and healthy life has become an important topic for both young and old, especially with rise of Alzheimer’s disease. Biohacking is a new approach to health which uses techniques that improve our health. For a biohack to work, it must be transformed into a habit, because ultimately our health depends on maintaining healthy habits. The book shows us how to adopt the 16 most important biohacks, including habit change, meditation, sunlight, intermittent fasting, longevity supplements, diet, gut microbiome, exercise and yoga, sleep, detox, daily and seasonal routines, breathing techniques, water, happiness, environment, and spirituality. We emphasize both the modern approaches as well as the time-tested ancient practices of Ayurveda so that you can live a healthier, happier, longer life.







Total Brain Coaching: A Holistic System for Effective Habit Change – For the Individual, Team, and Organization

By Ted Wallace, MS, Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Samantha Wallace

Total Brain Coaching is an effective system of habit change to help individuals, teams, and businesses. It is based on 7 principles presented in its companion book, The Coherence Code. Each principle has a number of potential tools that can be organized into specific protocols for habit change. Total Brain Coaching is the start of an open source document for the transformation, improvement, and evolution of the mindset and habits of individuals and organizations everywhere.







The Coherence Code: How to Maximize Your Performance And Success in Business – For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

By Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Ted Wallace, MS, Samantha Wallace

The Coherence Code tells a simple story of how a company goes from the brink of failure to success by transforming, improving, and evolving the mindset and habits of its leader, teams, and individual employees through Total Brain Coaching.

J.P Smith, the retired founder of Smith & Hathaway, has recently learned that his company is in trouble. He hopes to improve the situation by acquiring cutting edge sports technology, which will significantly upgrade his business. A competing company, however, has seriously outbid him. To make matters worse, he receives a report from a top consulting firm which reveals numerous internal problems within Smith & Hathaway, including the fact that his employees are dissatisfied and won’t even recommend the company’s own products.

All is not lost, however, help comes in the form of an extraordinary world-class consultant, Dame Georgina St. George. An expert in Total Brain Coaching, her methods are unconventional. Dame Georgina uses vivid examples of samurai warriors, super athletes, and outstanding business leaders to illustrate and explain the 7 principles of the Coherence Code.



Self Empower: Using Self Coaching, Neuroadaptability, and Ayurveda

By Robert Keith Wallace, PhD,  Samantha Wallace,

Ted Wallace, MS,

Self Empower shortens the learning curve between you and joyful excellence. It helps you make positive changes and gives you easy-to-learn, practical, self-coaching tools to discover who you really are and how you can become healthier, happier, and more successful in your personal relationships, career, and every part of your life.

At work, this means adopting new habits that improve your performance and allow you to rise to a higher level of leadership. At home and with friends, it means becoming more sensitive to emotional triggers and creating greater empathy and understanding.

Self Empower enables you to naturally rewire your brain and accelerate a process of learning, achievement, and fulfillment.




Trouble in Paradise: How to Deal with People Who Push Your Buttons Using Total Brain Coaching

By Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Samantha Wallace,

Ted Wallace, MS

Trouble in Paradise is a humorous story about the application of Total Brain Coaching and habit change to stressful interpersonal interactions. The main character, Mr. Smith, is on vacation in the Canadian Northwoods, when he is forced to deal with his always fiery sister-in-law Seraphim. An innocent accident causes events between them to escalate and cascade into a serious conflict. Fortunately, Mr. Smith is befriended by a neighbor who happens to be an expert in Total Brain Coaching and remarkable Personal Coach. A brief commentary at the end of each chapter, explains the easy neuroadaptive techniques the coach uses to change Smith’s physiology and improve his psychology. Trouble in Paradise is not only about what to do when you completely blow it and lose your cool, it offers simple steps based on Ayurveda, that help improve every part of your life. Trouble in Paradise is a companion to the soon to be released Self Coaching Equals Ultimate Self Empowerment, as well as The Coherence Code and Total Brain Coaching.