Tool 2: Determine Your Habit Map and Plan

Your job as a coach is to help your client create a Habit Map and Plan. Help is the key word. You help by asking powerful questions and letting them come up with their own plan. The whole process is made much easier by knowing the results of your client’s Energy State Quiz. Begin by having your client write down something they would like to change in the middle of a page.Then have your client  put each new idea on the map as spokes emerging from a central hub. They can be in the  form of words, lists, or drawings. Once the map was done, help your client organize their points into a Habit Plan.

To narrow down the choices, ask your client to pick the top five changes he or she want to make. Then select the top three, and out of those three the top one.  Now your client has a starting point. Now look at your client’s Energy State. You have two modes: coaching and consulting mode. The coaching mode is the most effective since it enables you to empower your client to come to his own conclusions. However, he may not realize what the triggers are that causing him to become angry. In your consulting mode, you can point out to your client that there are specific triggers based on his or her Energy State that will cause them to go out of balance.

Once you and your client decide on the particular habit to be changed then give your client a broader perspective to see how this change fits into their life plan. Begin this exercise by asking the question: “Where do you want to be in a year? For example, how much weight do you want to lose? How does this fit into your life goals?” What this does it start them thinking about a Habit Change Plan for their Life. You as the coach need to pick the right moment when to introduce this larger exercise. At that time you will have your client pick epic goals for their life that focus on key areas such as: health, relationships, family, wealth, fame, and spirituality and then prioritize them.