Tool 5: Finding Your Inner Rhythm

Total Brain Coaching is all about becoming in tune with nature, with your path in life. Each of us has our own inner rhythm depending on our Energy State. As a Total Brain Coach you need to learn about nature’s rhythms and more specifically how each of clients reacts to a change in their routine. Some of your clients will like change, while others will find it difficult.

The V Energy State is the most obvious example. They enjoy change and variations in the things they do. It is often hard for them to stick to a particular routine even thought it helps keep them grounded. They will need your enthusiasm and perseverance as a coach to help keep them focused and on track. If they get off their program, you may have to help them with the reboot and calm any anxieties they might have about starting over again.

The P Energy State is quite different. They have no trouble following a new routine as long they it fits with their main goals in life. If it doesn’t fit then they will ditch it and move on to the next task to solve. As a coach, you need to align their habit change program with their goals. If they come off the program, use their competitive nature to encourage them to reboot. P Energy individuals like a challenge.

The K Energy State actually loves routines. But what they love is a tried and true routine. Adding a new routine can be quite difficult for them. You must give them time to adjust and help them stick to the change. Change and variety is actually good for them but they will naturally resist it, preferring to be fixed in their ways. If they do come off their habit change plan, getting them to reboot will take extra attention from you. They won’t like failure and will not want to get up and try again. You will need patience and enthusiasm to help them get there.