Tool 6: Use the Feedback Matrix

The Feedback Matrix is a tool that includes 4 different coaching approaches. These are:

1) Self-coaching

2) Personal coaching

3) Group coaching

4) Environment coaching

Coaching is not the same as mentoring or therapy. We don’t try to advise them on their skills or profession nor do we try and solve all our client’s deep-seated psychological problems. These are jobs for professionals who have the training to deal with these issues. Our job is to help them change their habits by a simple sets of tools and procedures. In Dharmic coaching we combine several coaching approaches.

Self-Coaching is a something we all do whether we are aware of it or not. But there are tools, which can help us in this process. Keeping a Dharmic Journal can be highly helpful.

Personal Coaching is your job. Sometimes people use a partner or a friend, but it is always better to have a professional coach. As their personal coach, you can enlist the help of their partner or family member once they have gotten a good start. But in the beginning the process of change is delicate and needs someone who doesn’t have a personal relationship and can be more objective.

Group Coaching can be in person or online. If your client can connect with a group this can very reinforcing for habit change. It helps to see how other people are coping with the challenges of sticking with a new habit.

Environment Coaching takes into account how environmental triggers are affecting your client ability to make changes. It can include many aspects of their personal life including relationships family, business, and finally beliefs and spiritual goals.