Summary of first protocol used in Total Brain Coaching.


We are creating an open source document and we invite coaches to contribute their own tools and protocols.

Below are the 8 tools used in this protocol. You will see that we include a few tools from other experts in habit change. Under some of the tools we give examples of how the tool can be used.


Tool 1: Educate your client about the characteristics of their Energy State
Identify triggers that can cause your client’s Energy State to go out of balance
Use other assessment tools: Myers-Briggs, Strength Finders, Kolbe

Tool 2: Create a Habit Map and Plan

Tool 3:  Make a Habit Plan prioritizing your clients main approaches
Create a new habit and outline the details for habit change
Use Duhigg’s system of habit change

Tool 4: Focus your Attention on One Habit
Make sure your client is receptive
Add a new habit to an existing old one
Change your client’s environment to help habit change
Pick a new habit that is suited to your client’s Energy State
Use Clear’s system of atomic habits by starting with a small change

Tool 5: Mobilize Your Energy Resources
Change your client’s diet and digestive habits
Improve your client’s exercise program
Develop good sleep habits
Adopt an effective stress management system
Be aware of the importance of biorhythms

Tool 6: Reinforce habits
Personal Coaching
Group Coaching
Environment Coaching

Tool 7: Empower your client to own the process of habit change
Have measurable outcomes
Active questions
Use concepts from Goldsmith’s book Triggers

Tool 8: Using the power of positive reinforcement by celebrating
Reward your client’s milestone of progress
Special meals
Weekend retreats
Celebrate small wins to create big wins